10 Terrible Hotel Room Features

Hotel rooms can feel like bliss… beds so big you can get lost in them, fancy bathrooms, the leather bound guide to the hotel (first stop for this Concierge) and a mini bar filled with chocolate & fizzy stuff. But it’s not all a bed of roses. This Concierge asked her fellow travel bloggers what their pet peeves about hotel rooms are. And it was a little troublesome…

1. The weird glass wall between bedroom & bathroom you get in some places. AWKWARD.


2. Overly tucked in bed sheets

“The funny runners on the bed and decorative pillows (yuck!!) and tucked in sheets so you feel like a mummy.” – Annika

out of bed

3. Cheap Soap in the Shower

“Really really rough towels, brick pillows, no outlets next to the bed, mold in the shower floor, cheap soap!” – Chala


4. Bad WiFi

“Any form of bad Wifi:

– Wifi that you have to pay for. Come on, it’s 2017!
– Wifi that only works in common areas.
– Wifi that you have to log into with a silly little password on a silly little piece of paper that expires every 30 minutes.
– Wifi that is slower than molasses in January. ”



5. No safety precautions

“No peep holes on the door. That’s just not safe! Or no deadbolt / lock that can’t be accessed from outside” – Stephanie from joyandjourney.com


6. Plastic shower curtains

“I have a thing about shower curtains, I freak out if they touch me! I was once in a hotel room in Paris with a tiny shower, the curtain was definitely going to touch me, I made my husband sit outside the shower and hold the curtain out so it couldn’t get me?” -Naomi from naomi-parry.com


7. Blinking Lights

“The fact that there are a MILLION blinking lights from the TV, phone, and other such sources. I like it dark so I have to drape towels, sweatshirts, and whatever else I have over them all. So annoying!” – Heather from arttraveleatrepeat.com


8. Flooding Bathrooms

“Showers that flood the entire bathroom without any way to clean it up and leave the entire room smelling musty.” – Lauren


9. Badly positioned sockets

“I hate it when the plug is nowhere near the bed or a mirror. I have had to sit on the floor whilst charging my phone before and under the bed is NOT what you want to be seeing in a hotel room. It also means drying/straightening/curling you hair using a tiny hand mirror or phone camera….not ideal.” – Rosie from Flying Fluskey


10. Bad ventilation

“When the bathroom doesn’t have a fan in it. Or a loud enough fan!” – Jacqueline


What are your pet peeves, Nomads?

So what do you think?