What to pack in your carry on for a better flight

Travel Hack - What to pack in your hand luggage

Having spent a significant amount of time at 40,000 feet, what goes into my carry-on for flights has become a finely tuned list, which I’m willing to share with you to make your flying experience just that little bit sweeter. Sleep and hydration are the goals and I’ve got some goodies for you.

1) Noone needs a stiff neck, Nomads, and a neck pillow is a necessary precaution. I’ve tried many; I like a memory foam or microbead pillow but I’ve recently switched to this little stroke of genius (not pictured) that wraps your neck up like a fleecy supportive hug.

2) I’m not a great fan of sleeping pills on flights as this Concierge likes to keep her wits about her. But Nomads, I do need a little something something to help me drop off onboard and that something is tea. I know, I know, I’m living the British stereotype but I recently discovered Sleepytime Extra, which sounded just like my jam. I always have a teabag or two tucked away in my tote so that I can nod off without too much tortuous tossing and turning.

3) This Concierge is not as young as she once was and, whilst most of my travel beauty regime can wait until I’ve tapped into my hotel room, these eye treatment masks are discreet enough to pop on during a long haul flight and prevent scaring the immigration officials with Extreme Panda Eyes on arrival. As long as you remember to take them back off again. These are a little cheaper.

4) Cabins have the driest air in (/above) Christendom, so I always pack a lip balm or vaseline.

5) This Concierge loves to coo over a baby but also really needs her peace and quiet to catch 40 winks. Noise cancelling earphones are an investment but if you are a regular traveller, definitely feel like a luxury. Plantronics Backbeat Pro, Bose Quiet Comfort 35 and the catchily named Sony MDR-ZX770BN come recommended. (Looking for in depth reviews? Try out my fellow blogger’s round up.)

6) We’re almost there, Nomads, conditions are almost perfect to fall asleep right before the cabin crew come and wake you up for duty free shopping… REALLY, JUDITH? Next step, complete darkness. My recent discovery is a moulded eye mask, which cunningly solves the age old problem of eye masks squishing your peepers.

7) Did I mention the extreme drying effect of planes, Nomads? I love a witty water bottle or travel mug to fill with water once I’m through security so I keep hydrated even if the drinks trolley gets caught up in a mid-aisle traffic jam.

8) My burden to bear in life is Cold Tootsies Syndrome, so I’m never without a thick pair of socks to warm up those feet mid-flight.

9) We’re finishing on a high, Nomads, and a life-changing invention that I want to introduce you too. This travel sling hangs off the tray table in front of you and provides a cosy hammock for you feet, so you can stretch out and get comfy. Do it, you’ll thank me later.

Any additions for me, Nomads? Comment below!

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